About Culhane Law, National Cannabis, Marijuana, and Industrial Hemp Business Law Firm

Culhane law is a law firm dedicated to bringing a high level of business law experience to the investors and deal makers entering the national cannabis, marijuana, and industrial hemp industries. With a focus on professionalism and innovation, we provide the knowledge and experience to facilitate business ventures in these developing industries.

Bringing National Experience to New Challenges

The business and corporate attorneys at Culhane Law combine a passion for the cannabis industry with a sophisticated knowledge of the means and mechanisms to fund it. Named partner Edward R. Culhane is an industry veteran and national thought leader and speaker on the legal implications of changes to marijuana and hemp laws. He travels across the country from his home office in Minneapolis, Minnesota, helping investors and business owners take advantage of the new opportunities these changes offer. Together, the firm’s attorneys bring more than 50 years of multi-jurisdictional corporate law experience to bear for their clients, helping them find practical solutions to emerging business challenges.

Providing Knowledge and Clarity to Interested Investors

As with any new industry, investors considering a deal in marijuana or hemp may sometimes find themselves in uncharted waters. A lack of established resources and various forms of public confusion over the legalities, products, and even the language behind the cannabis industry can leave investors wary of getting involved. Culhane Law attorneys pride themselves on providing clear, up-to-date advice on the law related to marijuana, cannabis, CBD, and industrial hemp. They will assist fund managers, family office staff, and deal makers interested in these new and promising industries.

Facilitating Investments in Emerging Industries

The emerging industries of cannabis, marijuana, CBD, and industrial hemp pose exciting opportunities for investors prepared to take advantage of recent legal developments. From agricultural investment into state-regulated hemp production, to funding recreational marijuana dispensaries, the opportunity is there for forward-thinking investors to see substantial returns in the coming years. Culhane Law, attorneys provide the knowledge, skill, and experience to take the good idea of investing in the cannabis industry from inception to completion. They assist investors to ensure that their investment strategies are based on the best available information and properly executed.

Getting Cannabis Business Funded

Successful capital raising the cannabis industry requires far more than a marijuana license and a pitch deck. The complicated and ever-changing legal status of marijuana means that cannabis business owners are not able to simply get a bank loan or access typical investors. They have to work harder for their funding. They rely on capital from a small but growing pool of investors to finance everything from build-out to scaling operations. As more experienced investors enter the space, they bring with them higher standards and expectations of quality. Entrepreneurs only get one shot at an investor. It is critical they have their company properly structured and documented to close a deal quickly. Investors only pay the big multiples on clean deals.

Managing the Process of Cannabis Investing

Deploying capital in the cannabis industry is high risk. Established cannabis companies have legacy liabilities driven by the dynamics of the gray market in which they operated. Newly-formed cannabis companies present market risk. Both present compliance and execution risk. Finding the Goldie Locks balance is far more art than science. However, developing and implementing a disciplined investment strategy is possible and will greatly de-risk your portfolio. When a family office or or fund manager writes a check, they need to know that their investment is protected. Culhane Law can assist deal makers to establish an investment strategy, conduct diligence, and negotiate and close the deal.

Driving Growth through Joint Ventures and Acquisitions

Culhane Law knows that cannabis companies often collaborate with or acquire other companies to obtain the needed critical resources of capital, leadership, intellectual property, market share, and licensure in key markets to settle into place. Sometimes, that results in joint ventures, and sometimes that requires the acquisition of another company to secure those resources. The Culhane Law M&A attorneys will assist in structure and closing joint ventures and acquisitions of marijuana and hemp-related businesses in manner that reflects the interests and risk tolerance of the parties.

Receive Advice from Culhane Law’s Cannabis Business Attorneys

Culhane Law works with family offices, fund managers and entrepreneurs across the country, assisting them in understanding the legal and regulatory landscape of the cannabis and industrial hemp industries. They will provide up-to-date legal advice as clients consider their investment options and strategies. Call (612) 483-5385 or contact Culhane Law online to schedule a meeting with an attorney.