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Culhane Law represents investors, deal makers, investors and entrepreneurs in the cannabis, marijuana and industrial hemp industries. Their business law attorneys provide corporate development advice and assist with corporate structuring, deals, mergers & acquisitions and securities transactions.

The cannabis industry is a new, complex, and exciting place to be for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Initial showings in some of the first states to legalize its use demonstrate the promise of the market. Medicinal and adult-use marijuana is becoming legal in a growing number of states. These new laws open the door for investment and value creation across the country for those with the foresight to step into the field.

Corporate Counsel for Cannabis Clients

Culhane Law is a team of experienced business and corporate attorneys bringing their know-how to the emerging industries of cannabis, marijuana, and industrial hemp. Unlike other most cannabis attorneys whose involvement with marijuana started in the criminal courts, the Culhane Law attorneys have the technical expertise and business acumen to assist investors, deal makers, and entrepreneurs in structuring and funding their next business cannabis venture.

Comprehending the Complex Legal Landscape Around Cannabis

The cannabis industry faces unique challenges when it comes to legalization and regulation. Growing numbers of states have legalized the cultivation, processing, distribution, sale and use of adult-use marijuana. More states have recognized the medicinal uses of cannabis and created laws that allow patients with specific diagnosed conditions to use marijuana and CBD products to treat their conditions.

However, on the federal level, marijuana remains a Schedule I controlled substance. This creates obstacles for entrepreneurs and investors in the industry. Federal laws interfere with business owners’ ability to obtain financing, take tax deductions, or even simply open a bank account for their business.

Culhane Law makes it their business to keep up on the ever-changing state of marijuana laws across the country. With home offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Culhane Law attorneys travel nationwide advising investors, deal makers, and entrepreneurs on how to operate within these tight legal limitations.

Connecting Investors with Entrepreneurs within the Marijuana Industry

The federal limitations on banking and capital markets within the marijuana industry mean that entrepreneurs often must turn to private investors to fund their build-outs, start-ups, and growth. This provides a unique opportunity for private equity funds, venture capital funds, angel investors, family offices and portfolio managers seeking to invest in a new industry with the potential for substantial returns. Culhane Law works directly with investors to help them navigate the legal landscape of cannabis investing. By leveraging our existing network of local, experienced cannabis professionals, we help investors decrease the risk of cannabis transactions.

Crafting Corporate Structures and Securities Instruments for Cannabis Investments

When walking the cutting edge of industry development, having the correct corporate protections in place is essential. Culhane Law’s background in complex corporate transactions ensures that everyone at the table, including investors, deal makers, venture capitalists, portfolio managers, and entrepreneurs are comfortable with the deal. Culhane Law has the experience to handle complex mergers and acquisitions, as well as the knowledge to craft robust equity and debt structures, strategic joint venture agreements, and other structures to protect the client’s interests.

The Culhane Law attorneys work with private equity funds, venture capital funds, family offices, portfolio managers, and entrepreneurs to help them understand the legal and regulatory landscape of the marijuana industry. They provide up-to-date legal advice as clients consider their investment options and capital deployment strategies.

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Licensed only in California, Colorado, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Engagements with clients located in other states may require involvement of local counsel.