Deals, Mergers & Acquisitions

Deals, Mergers & Acquisit…

When entrepreneurs, owners or management pursue opportunities for growth or an exit, they need an experienced deal lawyer. Similarly, investors and buyers need experienced legal counsel to keep their deal on track, on budget and on time. Whether the priority is shareholder liquidity, an acquisition to fuel growth or an exit, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed for what may be the most important transaction of your career.

Time kills deals. Investors, buyers, sellers and their deal professionals need to be certain the transaction is properly structured and executed. The longer a transaction drags on, the greater the deal risk. Culhane Law’s deal lawyers know how to structure the deal, conduct due diligence, negotiate the definitive documents and manage the process to get you to the closing table.

As experienced corporate attorneys, we understand that a successful transaction often requires approval from decision-makers who aren’t present during negotiations. We recognize the importance of communication and transparency to ensure stakeholder buy-in. We help sellers and management identify critical stakeholders, including shareholders, board members, funders, lenders and secured parties who need to be advised of the transaction, and provide education and consulting services to ensure that all the necessary approvals are received and fiduciary duties are met.

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