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Culhane Law represents buyers, sellers, deal makers, and investors within the cannabis industry. Their business law attorneys provide advice and assistance with mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, and investment and financing strategies to investors and entrepreneurs within the cannabis industry.

Counseling Corporate Restructuring for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Mergers and acquisitions can be the most important and complex transaction any entrepreneur every makes. Combine the complexities of a typical M&A transaction with the uncertainties of an emerging market, and it becomes clear why deals within the cannabis industry take a special touch. Legal gray areas, regulatory and licensing issues, and restrictions on deployment capital can make an already challenging legal decision even more daunting. However, with the guidance of an experienced cannabis business attorney, these corporate transactions can also lead to strong returns on investments.

Culhane Law is a team of experienced business and corporate attorneys focused on bringing their know-how to the emerging industries of cannabis, marijuana, and industrial hemp. Their attorneys have helped clients make their way through complex corporate restructuring before. They understand the many legal considerations, from managerial decisions to financing concerns. They will assist clients in considering strategic restructuring to satisfy their corporate objectives and manage the risks so abundant in emerging markets such as marijuana or industrial hemp.

Coordinating Cannabis Mergers & Acquisitions for Deal Makers

As laws and regulations change, marijuana- and hemp-related corporations must be ready to adapt to those changes. When investors, entrepreneurs, or top-level operations managers see opportunities for growth, they need the guidance of an experienced corporate law attorney to help them consider offers for mergers, buyouts, or other corporate restructuring. Whether the priority is stockholder liquidity, acquisition of a related product line or competitor, or an exit, Culhane Law has the knowledge and experience needed to advise buyers, sellers, and deal makers within this complicated industry.

Culhane Law can also assist clients seeking those opportunities. By leveraging the Culhane Law network of cannabis professionals, their corporate attorneys can assist buyers develop and refine their acquisition strategy, as well as conduct diligence and negotiate favorable terms.

Structuring Deals and Crafting Securities Instruments for Fund Managers and Investors

Once the matchmaking is complete, investors, deal makers, and cannabis professionals need to be certain the letters of intent, terms sheets, and operating agreements are properly drafted to protect everyone involved in the transaction. With regulators watching the cannabis industry closely, there are risks that an M&A deal may fall through if not carefully executed with an eye toward regulatory requirements.

Culhane Law puts its focus on M&A work within the cannabis, marijuana, and industrial hemp industries. The attorneys know what to watch for in completing due diligence documentation. In advising acquirers, the law firm will detail any legal, regulatory, or financial risks in a way that assists investors, family offices, and fund managers in assessing the strengths and challenges of buying into this emerging industry. They will assist in negotiating agreements that meet with the necessary regulatory approvals, and address the needs and priorities of everyone at the negotiating table.

As experienced corporate attorneys, Culhane Law also recognizes the importance of transparency and stockholder buy-in. Their attorneys have worked extensively with corporate boards of directors, fund managers, and family offices. They understand that a successful M&A transaction within the cannabis industry often requires approval from decision-makers who aren’t present during negotiations. The law firm helps clients identify interested parties including stockholders, board members, and funders, who need to be advised of the proposed acquisition, and provides education and consulting services to ensure that all the necessary approvals are received and fiduciary duties are met.

The Culhane Law attorneys work with deal makers, private equity funds, venture capital funds, family offices, portfolio managers, and entrepreneurs to facilitate and finalize deals, including mergers and acquisitions, within the cannabis industry. They provide up-to-date legal advice as clients consider their investment options and corporate restructuring strategies. Call (612) 483-5385 or contact Culhane Law online to schedule a meeting with an attorney.

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Edward R. Culhane is a deal lawyer with hands-on experience running and managing businesses. Ed’s clients are venture capital funds, private equity funds, family offices and angel investors. He helps his clients raise and deploy capital in early
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William S. Fulton, Jr. has been helping his clients achieve their business goals for over 15 years. William helps clients navigate the constantly changing state and federal legal landscape governing the exploding marijuana, cannabis and hemp industries, by using his experience to help turn their ideas and dreams into successful businesses.
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