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Culhane Law represents emerging growth companies and venture capital firms in the cannabis industry. Their business law attorneys provide advice and assistance in structuring deal and raising capital for investors and venture capital fund managers.

Counseling Cannabis Entrepreneurs Raising Capital

Marijuana- and hemp-based businesses can face particular challenges when it comes to financing their startups or growth. Limitations placed on federally insured banks and financial institutions restrict cannabis entrepreneurs’ options when it comes to accessing capital. For many, venture capital can provide a solution to the challenges facing the emerging industry.

However, as venture capital fund managers making investment decisions are understandably cautious when funding businesses in emerging industries. The legal and regulatory gray areas surrounding marijuana and industrial hemp can give venture capitalists pause and put key funding opportunities in question.

Culhane Law understands the hesitancy surrounding financing of cannabis-related businesses. Their business law attorneys can initiate and facilitate communications between entrepreneurs and fund managers or investors to educate them on the industry and put the risk in perspective. For businesses already in communication with a particular venture capitalist, Culhane law can provide written guidance for businesses and decision-makers on everything from regulations and compliance to due diligence and comparison businesses.

The Culhane Law attorneys work with deal makers, private equity funds, venture capital funds, family offices, portfolio managers, and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry to structure and close debt and equity financings from private investors, family offices and venture capital funds. Their attorneys provide up-to-date legal advice as clients consider their financial investment options and structuring strategies. Call (612) 483-5385 or contact Culhane Law online to schedule a meeting with an attorney.

Meet Our Attorneys

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Edward R. Culhane is a deal lawyer with hands-on experience running and managing businesses. Ed’s clients are venture capital funds, private equity funds, family offices and angel investors. He helps his clients raise and deploy capital in early
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William S. Fulton, Jr. has been helping his clients achieve their business goals for over 15 years. William helps clients navigate the constantly changing state and federal legal landscape governing the exploding marijuana, cannabis and hemp industries, by using his experience to help turn their ideas and dreams into successful businesses.
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